PITCH Sex Work Nigeria NSWA

PITCH Sex Work Nigeria NSWA


The Nigeria Sex Workers Organisation (NSWA) is a national organisation that support sex workers and sex work community based organisations in Nigeria. NSWA will strengthen the advocacy capacity of its members by providing lobby and advocacy training regarding sex workers' health and rights. NSWA will lobby for a seat at the table during crucial national meetings with stakeholders of the HIV/AIDS response for sex workers. The organisation is developing a human rights violations database to capture evidence that can be used to lobby for the rights of sex workers. NSWA will provide training on leadership to NSWA members to guide sex worker communities towards a rights-based society with quality access to services.

Project details

Time frame
01 January 2017 - 31 December 2018
€ 241,574
Active in
Iraq, Ireland, Jersey, Nigeria


Partners under PITCH aim to beat the AIDS epidemic in countries that are most affected by HIV. If sex workers have equal access to HIV-related and sexual and reproductive services, if equal and full rights for sex workers are realised and if a strong civil society exists then sex workers will be able to work under safe conditions. Specific outcomes of NSWA include strong sex community based organisations that advocate for the rights of sex workers and sex workers who are aware of their rights to access services.

Community groups

36.000 sex workers will be able to access health care services. 23 members of community-based organisations will receive training on leadership and 140 health care workers will be sensitised on providing services to sex workers.


Sex worker movements in the HIV/AIDS response are crucial to lobby and advocate for sex worker's health and rights. While national governmental and non-governmental strategies recognise sex worker movements, sex work organisations lack the capacity to strengthen and improve the HIV/AIDS and human rights response for and with sex workers.

Sex workers are disproportionately at risk of HIV when compared to the national population. Sex workers and other key populations account for 23% of new HIV infections. Among the sex work population in Nigeria, 19% of male sex workers and 25% of female sex workers are living with HIV. The estimated HIV prevalence among brothel-based sex workers counts for 27.4% and non-brothel-based sex workers for 21.7%. Nigeria's legal restrictions exclude sex workers to access health care. Nigeria's code of conduct sentences sex workers who receive money or goods in exchange for sexual services with two years of imprisonment.

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