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PITCH H&O Myanmar Alliance Myanmar


As part of the PITCH programme in Myanmar, Myanmar Alliance will strengthen both MPWN and MPG as networks. Alliance Myanmar will conduct a leadership training for MPWN and MPG and area representatives. The training addresses the importance of future leadership from the next generation and how to strengthen communication and relationship with network members. They will also make advocacy visits to 3 selected townships (Kachin, Lashio and Shwebo) to strengthen their network activities in those townships. The overall goal is to strengthen the common advocacy voice for treatment-related issues (e.g. adherence problems, stigma, and discrimination).

Project details

Time frame
01 January 2018 - 31 December 2020
€ 114,693
Active in
Myanmar (Burma)


The work on adolescent girls and young women contributes to the following ToC outcomes:

S1: Increased and levelled understanding among key decision makers, family members and within KP (including young KPs) and AGYW communities about health and rights issues affecting KPs and AGYW.
S3: KP and AGYW CSOs have improved capacity to capture and utilise evidence to inform their advocacy agenda and strategies.
S4: Strategic partnerships formed between KP/AGYW CSOs and other pro-reform influencers (key influential networks, media, and government service providers) utilised to call for improved services.
M1: Scaled-up, strong and united voice among KP and AGYW-led CSOs and communities advocating for the rights of KPs and AGYW at both local (rural and urban) and national levels.

Community groups

A total of 240 young girls and women will be reached directly through training on capacitating for sexual and reproductive health rights.
A total of 48 network members of MPG and MPWN will be trained to strengthen their interpersonal skills for leadership.
Further meetings, site visits, and technical support visits will be organised to enhance the National PLHIV Network Strengthening and communication.


PITCH seeks to strengthen the capacities of local civil society organisations to advocate for sexual and reproductive health and rights, and uphold the human rights of key populations. Our work centres around key populations, adolescent girls and young women in nine countries in East, West and Southern Africa, South-East Asia, and Central Europe. These communities in many contexts carry the main HIV burden. At the same time, they are often neglected in the HIV response and face many barriers in accessing HIV and SRH services as well as human rights violations. PITCH addresses this urgent gap, and is reactive and responsive to local needs/urgencies that have been identified in its geographical foci.

Myanmar is currently experiencing a national concentrated HIV epidemic. In 2014, the incidence of new HIV infections was approximately 9,000. AIDS related mortality data is estimated at 11,000. The prevalence of HIV in the general population is 0.54% in populations age 15 and above and 0.7% amongst young people.The epidemic is rapidly increasing amongst female sex workers (FSW), with Health Sentinel Sero-Surveillance (HSS) 2014 data reporting a HIV prevalence of 6.44% among FSW. There are huge regional diversions however: prevalence amongst sex workers in Yangon is calculated at 25% and in Mandalay at 20% (IBBS 2015).


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