PITCH H&O Indonesia IPPI

PITCH H&O Indonesia IPPI


As part of the PITCH programme in Indonesia, IPPI will increase awareness and do capacity building on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Human Rights and adocacy for services for Inti Muda (previously called Fokus Muda). IPPI will hold an internal workshop and trainings with Inti Muda. A series of trainings on SRHR will be given to AGYW on Papua. Joint advocacy between IPPI and Inti Muda to the Ministry of Health regarding HIV and SRHR integration including violence issues among YKP and AGYW. IPPI will hold meetings with the Family Health directorate and Reproductive Health directorate to disseminate findings.

Project details

Time frame
01 June 2018 - 31 December 2020
€ 287,813
Active in


IPPI will contribute to the following ToC outcomes:

S1: Reduced stigma and improved understanding of the rights and needs of KPs among service providers, mass media and within KP and AGYW communities.
S2: Advocacy agenda developed & stakeholders and opportunities for advocacy mapped.
S3: A reporting system in place to gather evidence on human rights violations and the effectiveness of CSO strategies.
S4: Identification, sensitisation and involvement of stakeholders (e.g. National Aids Commission, service providers, media and religious leaders) to support the KP and AGYW advocacy agenda.
M1: Inclusive advocacy coalitions organised and trained among AGYW and MSM-TG communities.
L1.2: Meaningful involvement of AGYW and MSM-TG advocates in the national HIV and SRHR response.

Community groups

Adolescent Girls and Young Women. Staff from IPPI and Inti Muda.


PITCH seeks to strengthen the capacities of local civil society organisations to advocate for sexual and reproductive health and rights, and uphold the human rights of key populations. Our work centres around key populations, adolescent girls and young women in nine countries in East, West and Southern Africa, South-East Asia, and Central Europe. These communities in many contexts carry the main HIV burden. At the same time, they are often neglected in the HIV response and face many barriers in accessing HIV and SRH services as well as human rights violations. PITCH addresses this urgent gap, and is reactive and responsive to local needs/urgencies that have been identified in its geographical foci.

Around 48.000 new HIV infections are reported yearly. In 2016, ART coverage was 13%. The HIV epidemic is concentrated in specific provinces and high-risk groups such as sex workers. The overall population prevalence is around 0.41% (age 15 to 49). Over the past years Indonesian politics have grown more and more conservative. Religious groups are extremely influential on public opinion and on (local) governments and their policies.


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