PITCH adolescent girls and young women Nigeria EVA

PITCH adolescent girls and young women Nigeria EVA


In Nigeria, the policy is that HIV treatment is and must be free in public and private facilities. However, the reality is that most facilities including public facilities demand for payment. Meanwhile, these fees charged have devastating effects on AGYW access to services similar to age of consent. Hence, partners will include campaigns and advocacy in Abuja on ensuring that the Minister’s declaration to keep HIV treatment free is marched with action to ensure that the user fees are actually removed.

In Benue, the state has passed an Anti-HIV Discrimination law but awareness of the existence of the law and effective implementation remains a challenge. Secondly, steps have not been taken to review the language and content of the Act to determine its capacity to adequately cover the peculiar needs and concerns of AGYW. Therefore, in 2018, partners will include advocacy activities that will help address these issues on the Act.

Project details

Time frame
01 April 2017 - 31 December 2020
€ 299,054
Active in
Iraq, Ireland, Jersey, Nigeria


EVA will contribute to the following ToC outcomes:
S2: Advocacy agenda developed & stakeholders and opportunities for advocacy mapped.
M1.1: KP and AGYW communities are mobilised in CSOs and networks, and have the institutional and technical capacity to pursue their advocacy agenda.
M2.1: Increased public support among media, government representatives, traditional and religious leaders for the right and need of KP and AGYW to access health services.
M3: KP and AGYW are aware and informed about their right to access health services, and how to access them.

Community groups

30 Adolescent girls and young women are intensively trained as youth advocates and mystery clients who assess service delivery for young people. Over 5,000 young people are involved in age of consent reduction activities. Many more young people and other stakeholders are reached through commemoration days, informative videos and awareness campaigns.


PITCH seeks to strengthen the capacities of local civil society organisations to advocate for sexual and reproductive health and rights, and uphold the human rights of key populations. Our work centres around key populations, adolescent girls and young women in nine countries in East, West and Southern Africa, South-East Asia, and Central Europe. These communities in many contexts carry the main HIV burden. At the same time, they are often neglected in the HIV response and face many barriers in accessing HIV and SRH services as well as human rights violations. PITCH addresses this urgent gap, and is reactive and responsive to local needs/urgencies that have been identified in its geographical foci.

Nigeria is the most populous African country with an estimated population of 177,071,561 as of July 2013. Nigeria does not only carry the second highest HIV/AIDS burden in the world, the country is also one of the 35 ‘Fast-Track’ countries identifi ed by UNAIDS that together account for more than 90% of people acquiring HIV infection and 90% of people dying from AIDS-related causes worldwide.

The national adult HIV prevalence was estimated at 3.2%. UNAIDS 2015 statistics estimate that there are 3.5 million people living with HIV in Nigeria. It forms approximately 10% of the entire globe’s PLHIV population and forms 14% of the global numbers of AIDS-related deaths.Only 20% of PLHIV in the country are on ART38, while only 27% of pregnant women are accessing prevention of mother-to-child transmission services (PMTCT).


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