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Partnership 12 March 2021

Love Alliance

The Love Alliance, a new five-year programme (2021-2025), is based on an unwaver...
Project 02 March 2020

Hands Off II Sex work INERELA+

Religious leaders are in a unique position to create a more supportive environme...
Project 03 February 2020

Hands Off II Sex work North Star Alliance

North Star Alliance provides health services to sex workers at Road Wellness Cli...
Program 03 February 2020

Hands Off II: reducing violence against sex workers

Building on the success of the first phase of Hands Off, Hands Off 2 (2019-2024)...
Project 02 March 2020

Hands Off II Police collaboration

By engaging with police and training them on human rights of sex workers and oth...
Project 02 March 2020

Hands Off II Sex work South Africa

Violence against sex workers in South Africa takes on extreme forms and 71 perce...
Project 11 June 2021

B-wise South Africa - Stepped Care Model

Youth brand B-wise is built around the Stepped Care Model for Sexual Health adap...
Project 02 March 2020


The KidzAlive@Home project in South Africa puts the child at the centre of care....
Program 05 June 2018

Challenging Intellectual Property Barriers that Prevent Access to Treatment for People Living with HIV

The programme supports civil society organisations addressing intellectual prope...
Project 17 April 2018

Biometric linkage to care in Home based oral mucosal HIV Testing and Counselling programme

The Ndlovu Community Health Centre in Elandsdoorn will initiate a Home based HIV...
Project 17 April 2018

Bridging the Gaps Sex Work South Africa SWEAT

HIV hits sex workers hard and disproportionately and it remains difficult for th...
Project 17 April 2018

HIV Self-Testing: A supplementary strategy towards achieving the first 90 in inner city Johannesburg

This project will focus on the most challenging aspect of the UNAIDS 90-90-90 in...
Project 17 April 2018

LIFT: Leveraging Incentives For Testing

This project seeks to increase the number of HIV positive adolescents ages 15-19...
Partnership 17 April 2018

Bridging the Gaps

Bridging the Gaps – an alliance of nine international organisations and networ...
Program 17 April 2018

Bridging the Gaps: South Africa

Bridging the Gaps is alliance of nine international organisations and networks a... uses cookies to offer the best website experience possible and to anonymously analyze website behaviour. More information.