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Project 07 February 2022

Vibrações Mozambique - Stepped Care Model

In this project a youth-friendly, pleasure-based website about love, sex and rel...
Partnership 12 March 2021

Love Alliance

The Love Alliance, a new five-year programme (2021-2025), is based on an unwaver...
Project 24 August 2020

Hands Off II Sex work NSWP

The Global Network of Sex Work Project (NSWP) will support sex worker-led partne...
Project 02 April 2021

Paediatric HIV Breakthrough Partnership

The Breakthrough Partnership is a 3 year commitment to end paediatric HIV in reg...
Project 02 March 2020

Hands Off II Sex work INERELA+

Religious leaders are in a unique position to create a more supportive environme...
Project 02 March 2020

Hands Off II Sex work Mozambique

Nearly 70 percent of sex workers in Mozambique report having experienced violenc...
Project 03 February 2020

Hands Off II Sex work North Star Alliance

North Star Alliance provides health services to sex workers at Road Wellness Cli...
Program 03 February 2020

Hands Off II: reducing violence against sex workers

Building on the success of the first phase of Hands Off, Hands Off 2 (2019-2024)...
Project 02 March 2020

Hands Off II Police collaboration

By engaging with police and training them on human rights of sex workers and oth...
Project 10 April 2020


In Inhambane province in Mozambique, the HIV prevalence rate has increased worri...
Project 17 April 2018

Influencing policymaking on minimizing Intellectual Barriers in the SADC and EAC region for People Living with HIV

This programme will combine the strengthening of working relationships between n...
Project 08 May 2018

Bridging the Gaps Sex Work Mozambique Pathfinder

HIV hits sex workers hard and disproportionately and it remains difficult for th...
Project 08 May 2018

PITCH Sex Work Mozambique Pathfinder

The goal of the project is to ensure equal access to health and legal services f...
Program 05 June 2018

Challenging Intellectual Property Barriers to Ensure Access to Treatment for PLHIV

The programme supports civil society organisations addressing intellectual prope...
Project 17 April 2018

PITCH H&O Mozambique Muleide

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