Ndlovu Research Consortium: research collaboration between the Netherlands and South Africa

Ndlovu Research Consortium: research collaboration between the Netherlands and South Africa


Research collaboration between the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands and the Ndlovu Care Group in South Africa. Patient data from South Africa is used by Dutch universities and South African universities to conduct research on HIV and ageing- and prosperity-related disorders, such as diabetes. This project received funding from AmsterdamDiner proceeds in 2013 and 2014.

Project details

Time frame
31 January 2014 - 30 December 2017
€ 418,750
Active in
South Africa


A better understanding of the pathogenesis, epidemiology, clinical course and social-cultural aspects of the overlapping epidemics of HIV and other noncommunicable diseases


The interaction between the large HIV epidemic and the rise in non-communicable
diseases is the common theme of this proposal

Utrecht University (UMCU and FSS) and NCG has had research collaborations both on social science and infectious diseases since 2005. Recently it was jointly decided to intensify and expand these research efforts. Such intensified research collaboration is only possible if the structure of this multidisciplinary collaboration is considerably strengthened resulting in a functional Ndlovu Research Consortium, promoting integration of biomedical and social sciences through combined research. The local ownership of the Ndlovu Research Consortium will be guaranteed through an effective team embedded within the NCG-Head Office structure, reporting to, and under the supervision of, the Scientific Supervisor Prof R Coutinho at the Utrecht University.


Awareness, support in society, and full funding of the AIDS and STI response
Contributed within this project

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