NCHIV Conference 2017

NCHIV Conference 2017


The 11th edition of the Netherlands conference on HIV pathogenesis, epidemiology, prevention and treatment (NCHIV) will take place on Tuesday 21 November 2017 in the Royal Tropical Institute (KIT) in Amsterdam.

NCHIV provides an update and platform for discussion of new insights and developments in research on the pathogenesis, epidemiology, prevention and treatment of HIV. The one-day programme has three key elements: a core programme of sessions focussed on each of these four research themes; an extended lunch programme with poster presentations; and four invited plenary speakers.

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31 December 2016 - 30 December 2017
€ 2,952
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The Netherlands Conference on HIV Pathogenesis, Epidemiology, Prevention and Treatment, NCHIV, is a scientifically-focussed meeting. The aim of the conference is to review and share knowledge on the current status and new developments in the understanding of HIV pathogenesis, vaccine research and treatment. In addition, the conference aims to be a discussion platform for changes in the HIV epidemic in the Netherlands and to provide input for HIV public health and health care policy issues from a research perspective.

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Sharing scientific knowledge is an important factor in improving care and prevention of hiv.

The NCHIV is since 2006 the main Dutch conference on scientific HIV/AIDS research. Aidsfonds has been a member of the organising commite since the start. uses cookies to offer the best website experience possible and to anonymously analyze website behaviour. More information.