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Get Up Speak Out! (GUSO)

New: Thandizo mobile app supports young people in taking HIV treatment

For many reasons it’s challenging for young people living with HIV to adhere to their treatment. Thandizo is a new tool that helps community health workers support young people living with HIV with taking their medication and staying healthy.

The Thandizo tool is a mobile app that assesses personal risk factors for treatment failure. Based on the identified risks the tool provides tailored recommendations for better adherence and suggestions for referrals to services support nearby. Furthermore Thandizo helps facilitate group sessions. It contains videos about topics such as gender norms, nutrition and stigma after which questions can be discussed in support group sessions. Also, young people can test and improve their knowledge in a quiz on HIV treatment knowledge.

Thandizo means help and support, in Malawi’s Chichewa language. The mobile app is developed through a design research and co-creation  process with support of young people living with HIV through the Coalition of Women Living with HIV/AIDS in Malawi and Butterfly Works.

Screenshot of contents Thandizo app

Thandizo is currently being implemented and tested in Malawi’s Mangochi and Chikwawa districts. In the second half of 2020 Aidsfonds plans to scale Thandizo in Malawi and beyond. If you have any interest in (financially) supporting the scale-up or co-implementing Thandizo please contact Leon Essink at Aidsfonds.


This was us, developing the tool for ourselves. It is going to help not just us, but also other young people living with HIV to adhere to treatment

- Chikondi

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