Bridging the Gaps Sex Work Zimbabwe SRC

Bridging the Gaps Sex Work Zimbabwe SRC


Sex workers are hit hard and disproportionately by HIV and it remains difficult for them to have control over the risks they face, having to deal with a mix of legal, political and social factors which institutionalise stigma and social exclusion. The goal of the project is to address these challenges. Under the Bridging the Gaps programme SRC aims to contribute to a stronger civil society by creating safe spaces for sex workers and strengthening sex worker-led organisations (Pow Wow and ZIMSWA). SRC implements activities such as sensitisation of media staff. SRC has a strong focus on improving health care by sensitising health care workers and lobbying with parliamentarians and policy makers.

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01 July 2016 - 31 December 2020
€ 473,805
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Bulawayo, VicFalls, Plumtree, Siphezini/Oak

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Partners under the Bridging the Gaps programme aim to end AIDS among key populations. If civil society is strengthened, if fulfilment of human rights for key populations is increased and if sexual and reproductive health is improved and HIV transmission reduced, governments will be hold to account and AIDS among key populations can end. Specific outcomes of SRC’s work include increased access to health services for sex workers, decreased number of sex workers reporting stigmatisation or discrimination and a strong sex worker movement in Zimbabwe.

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Community groups

Over 1000 sex workers will have increased knowledge on their sexual and reproductive health and rights. To strengthen the sex worker movement 20 sex workers will be trained on advocacy and leadership. In addition, 70% of the sex workers will be able to access sexual and reproductive health services from service providers or relevant government authorities.


While it is officially not a crime to sell sex, it is illegal to solicit clients, live on the earnings of sex work and to facilitate and procure sex work. Zimbabwe remains a challenging context to work in, especially for civil society and community organisations operating on sensitive topics. Over the last years SRC has grown into the most important player in the field of sex work. Under SRC’s wings sex worker-led organisation Pow Wow was initiated in 2014. 2016 saw the rise of ZIMSWA, a national sex worker movement which also has links to Pow Wow.

Estimates are that there are around 86.000 sex workers in Zimbabwe. Data on HIV prevalence among sex workers is scarce. Limited access to sexual health services impacts sex workers' health. Criminalisation of sex work prevents sex workers from full disclosure about their profession and their specific health needs.

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