Activities Hiv Vereniging Nederland 2017

Activities Hiv Vereniging Nederland 2017


The core tasks of the Dutch HIV Association are: representation of interests, sexual health and testing, and promotion of mutual contact. These tasks are embedded in the 2017 work plan with a multitude of activities.
In addition, in 2017 €50.000 was requested for the coordination of initiatives from the community for activities in the context of AIDS2018. The AIDS2018 team of the Dutch HIV Association consists of 13 members and 2 staff members. Robert Witlox has been hired to coordinate this.

Project details

Time frame
31 December 2016 - 30 December 2017
€ 370,000
Active in


Gastrolschap voor PLWH op congres, leven met hiv in NL in de media, scholen betrekken bij congres, PLWH in NL naar congres op Global Village, media informeren.


The Hiv Verenging is the main organisation for people living with HIV. Their main focus is lobby, information and support for people living with HIV in the Netherlands.

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