2016 RfP - Scientific Research High Risk, High Gain

2016 RfP - Scientific Research High Risk, High Gain


Aids Fonds calls on institutes to submit innovative research proposals in the area of HIV and AIDS. The central question of this grants call is: ‘If it works, would it matter?’ We are looking for innovative ideas, methods, processes and means that potentially have a great impact on the HIV and AIDS response but due to their unconventional or risky character are usually less eligible for funding. This will potentially include projects that are highly beneficial for scientific knowledge, treatment, prevention and/or patients’ quality of life. Aids Fonds is aware that research complying with these demands will often be high-risk research. We also cordially invite people from other disciplines to submit their pioneering ideas.

Program details

Time frame
01 July 2016 - 01 November 2016
€ 375,000
Active in


Aids Fonds strongly believes that scientific research can - and must - completely eradicate HIV and AIDS globally. Aids Fonds aims to contribute to the gathering of more scientific knowledge about HIV and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs) in the field of fundamental biomedical sciences as well as in the field of behaviour and social sciences, to create a basis for the development of effective and efficient interventions.

Aids Fonds aims to have the greatest possible impact on the response to HIV and AIDS, and endeavours to realise this by creating an entrepreneurial culture and facilitating potentially game-changing projects. The open calls for scientific research that took place in the past have significantly contributed to high-quality research, ultimately resulting in an increase in knowledge in the field of HIV and AIDS. However, these rounds offered less opportunities for riskier projects. This is why, for 2016, the Board of Directors of Aids Fonds decided to invite researchers of recognised Dutch research institutes to submit high-risk high-gain research projects (breakthrough projects) that provide a scientific basis for new approaches and hypotheses which have not been investigated before and which might significantly impact the HIV and AIDS response. The subjects of this call cover the entire spectrum of HIV and AIDS research.

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