2014 RfP - Eliminating intellectual property barriers

2014 RfP - Eliminating intellectual property barriers


On July 4th 2014, Aidsfonds has published a call for proposals on eliminating intellectual property barriers that prevent access to treatment for people living with HIV. It will strengthen national civil society organizations with a track record of treatment advocacy to address intellectual property barriers and keep their governments accountable for access to essential medicines.

Program details

Time frame
04 July 2014 - 03 July 2020
€ 1,034,449
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To increase access to medicines for HIV, TB and Hepatitis C for PLHIV, by strengthening national civil society organizations to address intellectual property barriers.
· To strengthen civil society organizations that work on the elimination of intellectual property barriers leading to price reductions of medicines.
· To advocate for the elimination of intellectual property obstacles to generic competition (e.g., the issuing of compulsory licenses, repelling harmful provisions in free trade agreements, the implementation of flexibilities in patent laws or the opposition to new patents, and securing political commitment to address IP barriers to medicines access)
· To advocate for securing government funding and commitment to treat HIV, TB and HCV.
· To educate relevant stakeholders, like community groups, government or medical professionals on issues around medicine patents, intellectual property and medicine pricing for them to take a role in the advocacy activities.


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