Unoziba speaks out on COVID-19

Unoziba speaks out on COVID-19

Follow the story of Unoziba Tenga, Programme Coordinator at Sexual Rights Centre (SRC) in Zimbabwe, as she elaborates on challenges sex workers face due to COVID-19 restrictions. SRC is a local partner of the partnership to Inspire, Transform and Connect the HIV response (PITCH) programme. 

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Champion for sex worker and LGBTI rights

After completing her Master of Science in Development Studies, Unoziba Tenga joined the Sexual Rights Centre (SRC) in Zimbabwe five years ago as a Sexual Education Intern. She is now a Programme Coordinator and currently manages two major donor-funded grants together with her team of 15 community outreach workers. SRC is a human rights and key population led organisation championing the rights of sexual minorities, such as sex workers and LGBTI in Zimbabwe. With her background in journalism, Unoziba has always passionately written about or spoken out for LGBTI and women's rights in Zimbabwe. 

Unoziba Tenga Unoziba Tenga


The Sexual Rights Centre (SRC), located in Zimbabwe, is a human rights and key population-led organisation that stands up for the rights of marginalised groups in Zimbabwe. The organisation envisions a Zimbabwean society where all people enjoy and claim their human and sexual rights with respect and dignity. The SRC through its various programs aims to promote and contribute towards the fulfilment and enjoyment of human and sexual rights of marginalised groups and key populations (LGBTI and of SWs).


Unoziba speaks out on COVID-19

Listen to the story of Unoziba as she describes her concerns for sex worker livelihood and ART access under COVID-19 restrictions in Zimbabwe. Learn about what actions SRC is taking and what is needed from the government. 

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