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Ready to improve your SRHR interventions? Wish to build and strengthen the capacity of your organisation? Now you can hire a local trainer for your SRHR learning experience. Or are you an experienced SRHR trainer and ready to share your knowledge and skills? Join Trainerslab!

With the launch of the international marketplace Trainers Lab, the services of top trainers have become accessible for all kinds of civil society organisations, nearby and worldwide.


What is Trainers Lab?

Trainers Lab offers an online international market place for:
- local civil society organisations to hire skilled local professionals to strengthen their organisational capacity and improve their SRHR interventions
- skilled local trainers to expose and sell their expertise
A build in review system offers peer recommendations and feedback about the different trainers in the database.

Offer your services as a trainer or find your local trainer at, to facilitate a training, a workshop, moderate a session, provide technical support for a curriculum and much more!


For organisations - How it works

Go to to:

  1. Choose your country, language and topic of interest
  2. Contact the trainer of your interest and hire!

Meet Henry, he hires local trainers

For trainers - How it works

Go to to:

  1. Fill in your full profile
  2. Include at least one review of an organisation you previously trained

Meet Sharon, she is a local trainer

Questions and support

If you have questions or you need support, please feel free to reach out to us at

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