You can get to any level that you dream of

You can get to any level that you dream of

When Kelvin was still at school, a nurse would just come and say, Kelvin get your medication. Other pupils, they called him Mr Tablets. "I really wished that at that time if people could understand that there is this issue of privacy that a child needs to endure. The stigma that I started to face in school, this pulled me down, it was really something that I couldn’t handle.

Ever since I moved to a new school for people with disabilities it’s been a real dream come true. I grew from the small Kelvin to the big Kelvin that I am now. I disclose because I want to see a better place for young people. We have to have youth representation, meaningful participation, and also be beneficiaries and programmers in our own programs. We are all young people, we have to represent each other."

"When you get a chance, if you have the heart, you can get to any any any any level that you dream of"

Documentary for advocacy

Young people living with HIV in Zimbabwe are leading change: they expressed the need for a platform to create a better understanding of the gaps in health and education services and to lobby for increased support. Therefore, a documentary series has been developed showcasing stories of four young people living with HIV.

Having young people living with HIV in the lead in the initiation and development of the documentary, and being the stars of the documentary themselves, proved to be an empowering process. It helped to give them a voice and agency in challenging the dominant stereotypes and labelling of young people living with HIV.

The meaningful involvement of young people ensured that the documentary messages are based on the realities and the needs on the ground. Because, who else than young people know best what young people need? uses cookies to offer the best website experience possible and to anonymously analyze website behaviour. More information.