Within no time clients started streaming in

Within no time clients started streaming in

When 44-year-old Joshua from Kenya was selected to join the Tujengane project in 2019 to become a healthy entrepreneur, he was a bit sceptical. Little did he know that the opportunity was one that would change his life for better! Joshua shares with us his story.

Boosting clients base

“My life is nothing close to what it was three years ago. When I was selected, I wondered how it would go. After receiving the entrepreneurs training and the first product basket on loan, I embarked on door-to-door visits. This was something I had been doing for the last 15 years that I had been a community health volunteer. This time it was to sensitize the household members on my new services. My role as a church elder also went a long way in boosting my clients base. Within no time, clients started streaming in. People came to my house while others made phone calls to have services delivered at their door steps, which I did happily.”

Joshua in his shop
Joshua in his shop
Joshua in his shop
Joshua in his shop

Stalled construction

“After repaying my loan within the first year of implementation, I have been using the proceeds from my business to expand even further. I opened a shop in which I stock products from the Healthy Entrepreneurs supply chain. At the same time, my two children can continue their education as I am able to cover the costs for school. Moreover, profits from my business helped me to complete the construction of my house which had stalled for years.”

Community’s trust

“What attributes to my success? I believe it’s the passion and commitment I have for my work, the trust the community has in me, and the many years as a community health volunteer which has endeared me to many. My dream is to own a big wholesale shop considering that the project has incorporated other non-pharmaceutical products that have fewer restrictions.”

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About Tujengane project

Joshua is one of 1159 health entrepreneurs trained under the Tujengane project in Kenya (2018-2021). The entrepreneurs provide reliable HIV and SRHR information. At the same time, they act as mobile pharmacies by providing basic medicines and supporting products, such as soap, condoms, and washable sanitary pads. It enables them to make a living while the community profits from low-priced products and easy accessible HIV and SRHR information. Tujengane is a collaboration of Healthy Entrepreneurs, Women Fighting AIDS in Kenya and Aidsfonds, with financial support from Amsterdam Dinner Foundation.

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