"We build minds"

"We build minds"

"Before Aidsfonds came to Bishan Guracha our community based organisation did not have any experience in community development and reduction in HIV and poverty. We had organized ourselves informally as a self-help initiative to provide support for funerals.

Our organisation is now legally registered and thanks to the trainings we received as organisation leaders we have acquired leadership skills, financial management skills, and some knowledge about documenting and formal procedures. As a result we no longer operate traditionally but according standard procedures. For instance we have a transparent accounting system and collect receipts of all expenses for the organisation.

Most important the project has given us is awareness and spirit. Both to us and the community. People come to us now asking for support. I see this as an indication we are important in the community. We build minds. We are doing very well.

Our desire is to grow further to the standard we aspire to be able to serve all poor people in the community. The project has activated the extra potential without interfering what we had established before. I believe to speak on behalf of all members of our organisation when I say we are extremely motivated and excited. It’s the best that ever could happen to us."

- Representative community-based organisation in Bishan Guracha

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