Trainers Lab brings the world within my reach

Trainers Lab brings the world within my reach

Trainers Lab, recently developed by a consortium of organisations working to advance SRHR globally, offers an international market place for trainers to expose and sell their expertise and for local civil society organisations to hire skilled local professionals. Nakai Godfrey Nengomasha is a development worker at SAfAIDS in Zimbabwe, a PITCH partner, with more than a decade of experience in men and masculinity issues. He shares with us his story of joining Trainers Lab. 

Please tell us a bit about your work.

I have a vast experience of working with men and boys to promote gender equality. I am also a master trainer in using Gender Transformative Approach (GTA). By using my experience I train and empower organisations who want to transform institutions, communities and nations.

Why did you join Trainers Lab?

I decided to register on the Trainers Lab, so that I could link with likeminded trainers in Africa to exchange notes and experiences, but above all, to network and create transformational synergies in our work.

What makes Trainers Lab special?

The Trainers Lab is a platform where institutions can easily find experienced trainers in different fields who are willing to support the transformation of Africa and beyond through different skills.

This platform is of an added value as it links me to the work and also brings the world within my reach. Thanks to this platform I am able to present my work and also check on what is happening in different countries globally. I am looking forward to linking with other trainers who have different skills so that we can exchange knowledge and transform the reality of Africa and beyond.

Visit Trainers Lab and find your local trainer to facilitate a training, a workshop, moderate a session, provide technical support for a curriculum and much more! If you would like to register yourself as a trainer, you can do so easily by creating an online profile. Last but not least, check out a range of online resources for trainers and SRHR practitioners, such as e-learning and toolbox.

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