Teddy, community health volunteer

Teddy, community health volunteer

In this vlogumentary we follow 42-year-old Teddy, a Ugandan health volunteer trained to become a community health entrepreneur under the Sparked Women project. We follow her journey in 6 vlogs by Angel as she grows her business while at the same time empowering adolescent girls with knowledge about HIV prevention and SRHR.

We see how Teddy becomes a role model in her community. She now benefits from sustainable income and self-confidence. Moreover, we see how her community benefit from reliable access to quality health information and health products.

Teddy Teddy

Meeting Teddy

Vlog 1 - Teddy is mother of 8 children and struggles to earn a living as a farmer. Her dream to become a doctor did not come true due to lack of tuition. She has a passion to improve the lives of in particular young girls in her community and decided to become a community health volunteer. Being open about her HIV status helps her in gaining trust from community members. If she was given one chance to change one thing in her community, what would that be?

Teddy becomes a community health entrepreneur

Vlog 2 - Under the Sparked Women project Teddy was trained to become a health entrepreneur in her community. She is very motivated as she sees people not accessing services due to long distances to the clinic, with consequences for her community members’ health. What exactly is the difference between a community health volunteer and a community health entrepreneur?

Teddy brings health services and information in the community

Vlog 3- More and more community members know to find Teddy for her health products and services. Teddy sees a reduction in children who die of curable illnesses. It makes her happy and peaceful being in position to help her people. What is Teddy using her tablet for?

Teddy mentors young girls for a healthy future

Vlog 4 - Teddy sensitizes young girls in her community on HIV so they can make better health choices. She also encourages them to put into practice what they learned during the Sparked Women business skills training. Having their own business and income make them less dependent on men. Teddy mentors them and the girls decide to start up together as a group. What is Teddy hoping for?

Teddy’s girls become business women

Vlog 5 - A group of girls Teddy is mentoring, has started making liquid soap. They asked a small loan from a youth savings group and were excited when they can actually start up. They have become confident in what they are doing. They say not to rely on a man for financial support anymore since they will be earning money. How does Teddy feel about “her” girls?

Teddy widens her scope

Vlog 6 - Teddy bought a bicycle from the profits she got from selling health products in the community, which has made her work much easier. Before she could visit five to ten houses a day in her community. How many village does she reach now?

Vlog team Vlog team

The vloggers

Four ambitious and talented girls have been trained as vloggers for this project. Meet the vlog girls

Teddy's journey in 2 minutes

In case you lack time to watch all: this vlog summarizes Teddy's five vlogs in a bit over 2 minutes. We follow her as she grows her business while at the same time empowering adolescent girls with knowledge about HIV prevention and SRHR.

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