Pamela, community health entrepreneur

Pamela, community health entrepreneur

In this vlogumentary we follow Pamela, a Ugandan health volunteer trained to become a community health entrepreneur, under the Sparked Women project. We follow her journey in 5 vlogs by Sophy as she grows her business while at the same time empowering adolescent girls with knowledge about HIV prevention and SRHR.

We see how Pamela becomes a role model in her community. She now benefits from sustainable income and self-confidence. Moreover, we see how her community benefit from reliable access to quality health information and health products. In particular adolescent girls gain knowledge about HIV prevention from Pamela.

Pamela Pamela

Meeting Pamela

Vlog 1 - Pamela’s dream was to become a nurse but found out not to do well in sciences. It made her feel as if she was a failure in the community and decided to get married. Years later, when her chairperson told her about a community health volunteer programme in her community, she was excited. Meet Pamela!

Pamela becomes a community health entrepreneur

Vlog 2 - Under the Sparked Women project Pamela was trained to become a health entrepreneur in her community. She learned how to treat people and how to sensitize young girls on HIV prevention. What did she think of the training and what did she use her first profit for?

Pamela counsels young girls on HIV prevention

Vlog 3 - Pamela likes to see adolescent girls respect themselves by not becoming pregnant at a young age and also by avoiding contracting HIV. What information on sexual health do young girls lack and how does Pamela addresses this issue?

Pamela brings health products and information in the community

Vlog 4 - With her business Pamela brings affordable health products to her community, preventing people from having to spend money on transport to far-away clinics. What is Pamela using her tablet for?

Pamela sees a reduction in unprotected sex by young girls

Vlog 5 - Pamela saw a lot of young girls in her community getting pregnant unplanned. Since she became a community health entrepreneur she went on counselling them about the use of condoms to prevent both pregnancies and HIV. Her goal is that by the end of the year none of the girls have unprotected sex. Will she achieve this goal?

The vlog team The vlog team

The vloggers

Four ambitious and talented girls have been trained as vloggers for this project. Meet the vlog girls

Pamela's journey in 2 minutes

In case you lack time to watch all: this vlog summarizes Pamela's five vlogs in a bit over 2 minutes. We follow her as she grows her business while at the same time empowering adolescent girls with knowledge about HIV prevention and SRHR. uses cookies to offer the best website experience possible and to anonymously analyze website behaviour. More information.