Milly: Community health entrepreneur

Milly: Community health entrepreneur

In this vlogumentary we follow Milly, a 21-year-old young woman trained to become a community health entrepreneur under the Sparked Women project in Uganda. We follow her journey in 5 vlogs by Lydia and Brenda as she grows her business while at the same time empowering adolescent girls with knowledge about HIV prevention and SRHR.

We see how Milly becomes a role model to other young women in her community. She now benefits from sustainable income and self-confidence, enabling her to make safer sexual health choices and access health services when needed. Moreover, we see how her community benefit from reliable access to quality health information and health products.

Milly Milly

Meeting Milly

Vlog 1 - Milly saw the pain of her sister who died of AIDS and promised herself to avoid contracting HIV. She goes for testing every three months always together with her husband. Working as a peer counsellor for adolescent girls in her community is a way of protecting them from HIV. This voluntary job however makes Milly depend upon her husband. Meet Milly!

Milly becomes a community health entrepreneur

Vlog 2 - Milly proudly shows her certificate and medication to the neighbour who immediately buys medicine.  Milly is overjoyed and is convinced she can sustain herself as a woman. Will Milly be able to become financially independent?

Milly increases knowledge on HIV and health in adolescent girls

Vlog 3 - When reaching out to adolescent girls in her community, Milly is making use of a tablet to teach them how to protect themselves from contracting HIV.  Does the clinic officer see an increase in young girls consulting the clinic for an HIV test and other health issues, due to Milly’s work?

Young women share the impact of Milly's counseling

Vlog 4 - Milly meets with the girls every Sunday. They are always inquisitive and engaged, says Milly. Apart from serious discussions regarding condom use they also have a lot of fun. Mastulah, one of the girls in the group, sees big changes in choices the girls now make. Whenever her boyfriend invites her to his place, she insists on condom use. How does she manage to do this?

Milly expands her counselling to other villages

Vlog 5 - Sparked Women helped Milly so much especially in counselling young girls. Most of them now go for testing without consulting Milly. This gives Milly more courage to reach out to more girls in different communities. She works hard to earn some money with selling health products, that will take her back to school. Why does Milly want to do so?

four girls on a couch four girls on a couch

The vloggers

Four ambitious and talented girls have been trained as vloggers for this project. Meet the vlog girls

Milly's journey in 3,5 minutes

In case you lack time to watch all: this vlog summarizes Milly's five vlogs in 3,5 minutes. We follow her as she grows her business while at the same time empowering adolescent girls with knowledge about HIV prevention and SRHR. uses cookies to offer the best website experience possible and to anonymously analyze website behaviour. More information.