Meet PITCH Country Focal Point Baby Rivona from Indonesia

Meet PITCH Country Focal Point Baby Rivona from Indonesia

First published in November 2018

Each month we ask one of the PITCH country focal points to share some highlights of their work. This month we are pleased to have Baby Rivona from Indonesia.

What are the top advocacy successes achieved in PITCH in Indonesia to date?

Firstly, building a large coalition at national level to advocate against the criminalisation of extra marital sex and ‘obscene’ same-sex sexual acts. The coalition included 40 organisations led by Rumah Cemara (RC) and the Institute for Criminal Justice Reform (ICJR).

Next, the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between health providers, hospitals and sex worker communities (such as the Organisation of Social Change in Indonesia (OPSI)) in 8 districts facilitating friendly service provision for sex workers.

Finally, the forming of a coalition, including journalists at Bali province level after training on sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) and the founding of the activist  group “HIV Pers Bali” run by Gaya Dewata Bali.

Who are your two most important allies?

Women’s organisations, labour organisations, and legal aid organisations, as well as national and local media.

Name one thing that has surprised you in PITCH since you started your role.

The frequency and speed at which communication is exchanged among PITCH partners. It is possible to seek advice via email and even WhatsApp.

What is the most important global and/or national policy event for your country in the next year?

The Republic of Indonesia will hold its general elections in 2019. Besides the presidential election, the elections of legislators at the central and regional levels and the elections of Governors/Regents/Mayors in several regions will be taking place simultaneously. Although we have not yet got a full picture of the political trends and directions of next year elections, one thing is clear – with the change of the present leadership, the direction of the policy that will be applied in planning, budgeting, implementation, and facilitation of HIV response will change.

What is the top change you hope to see in your country before the end of PITCH?

Better knowledge and increased capacity of the key populations to collect data and develop evidence-based brief papers to continue advocacy.

Name one thing you have learned through working in PITCH that you didn’t know before.

PITCH has succeeded in bringing up the needs of the key populations to the global arena, and facilitated the space to make their voices heard at both regional and global level. uses cookies to offer the best website experience possible and to anonymously analyze website behaviour. More information.