Lynet, community health entrepreneur

Lynet, community health entrepreneur

In this vlogumentary we follow Lynet, a Ugandan health volunteer trained to become a community health entrepreneur under the Sparked Women project. We follow her journey in 5 vlogs by Brenda as she grows her business while at the same time empowering adolescent girls with knowledge about HIV prevention and SRHR.

We see how Lynet becomes a role model in her community. She now benefits from sustainable income and self-confidence. Moreover, we see how her community benefit from reliable access to quality health information and health products.

Lynet Lynet

Meeting Lynet

Vlog 1 - Lynet is mother of 4 children and struggles to earn a living. Growing up, she had a dream of becoming a doctor but her dreams were shuttered due to lack of school fees. Five years ago, she was given a second chance. Her local community counsellor called her asking whether she would manage to be a community health volunteer. What did she decide? Meet Lynet!

Lynet becomes a community health entrepreneur

Vlog 2 - Under the Sparked Women project Lynet was trained to become a health entrepreneur in her community. It enables her to sell health products providing her with an income as well as to sensitize young women about health issues such as contracting HIV. However, why do some community members undermine Lynet?

Lynet brings reliable health services and information in the community

Vlog 3 - Each day, immediately after doing her housework and a tea break, Lynet prepares all her products and goes out to the community. She always moves with her tablet, that she uses to show reliable videos about prevention of HIV. What do community members think of Lynet’s services?

Lynet mentors young girls for a healthy future

Vlog 4 - Lynet believes it is very useful for young girls to learn a business skill because it helps them earn an income. Being able to sustain themselves financially makes them not depend on men anymore. Together they watch explanatory videos on her tablet and they put in practice the skills together. What business skill has Lynet taught this time?

A healthy and AIDS free future for Lynet’s community

Vlog 5 - During childhood Lynet did not have the opportunity to be guided, counselled and attending business skills trainings. She did not know how to protect herself, and doesn’t want girls to go through what she has been through. Why is Lynet learning some business skills herself now?

Lynet's journey in 2,5 minutes

In case you lack time to watch all: this vlog summarizes Lynet's five vlogs in 2,5 minutes. We follow her as she grows her business while at the same time empowering adolescent girls with knowledge about HIV prevention and SRHR.

Vlog team Vlog team

The vloggers

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