Jane, liquid soap business woman

Jane, liquid soap business woman

In this vlogumentary we follow Jane, a  humble 19-year-old Ugandan who is trained under the Sparked Women project to become a micro-entrepreneur. We follow her journey in 5 vlogs by Angel as she grows her business, overcomes challenges and experiences the impact on her life and that of her community.

We see how Jane now benefits from sustainable income and self-confidence, enabling her to take less risks when it comes to HIV prevention and to access health services when needed.

Jane Jane

Meeting Jane

Vlog 1 - Jane did not grow up with her parents and that was hard for her. She cultivated people’s gardens to pay her school materials. Jane was tempted to get a man for money. Seeing some of her friends in the same situation ending up getting pregnant and getting STIs, made her try hard to stay away from it. Meet Jane!

Jane learns practical skills

Vlog 2 - The Sparked Women training met all her expectations as Jane learned different skills such as making paper bags, juice and sanitary pads. What does it mean to her having such skills and why did she choose to make and sell liquid soap?

Starting up is not easy for Jane

Vlog 3 - Jane was delighted to sell her first bottle of soap and highly disappointed when the money turned out to be fake.  In addition, it was difficult to gain confidence of her community. What made Jane persist and what is she proud of?

Jane's business grows successfully

Vlog 4 - Jane’s business improved after a visit from the Sparked Women team who motivated her by giving start-up materials. It gave her courage to continue growing her business. She now manages to save money. What is Jane’s dream for the future?

Jane's health benefits from having an income

Vlog 5 - Jane has become a courageous, determined and empowered youth, taking responsibility for her life. The increase in her income has helped her not to be vulnerable to HIV and she goes for testing every month. She managed to save 150,000 UGX and is well under way to the 400,000 she needs. What is she determined to buy with this 400,000 UGX?

Jane's journey in 2,5 minutes

In case you lack time to watch all: this vlog summarizes Jane's five vlogs in less than 3 minutes. We follow her as she grows her business, overcomes challenges and experiences the impact on her life and that of her community.

Vlog team Vlog team

The vloggers

Four ambitious and talented girls have been trained as vloggers for this project. Meet the vlog girls

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