I will be part of beating HIV

I will be part of beating HIV

"When I was four, my father died. And I became sick when I was seventeen. A classmate who was working at the clinic took my blood sample. She told everyone I was HIV-positive. I felt ashamed and stigmatised. I had to leave school. People told me I could no longer become an actress. I lost so much and became depressed.


Three years ago, I went to a meeting of young people living with HIV from different countries. This brought me back to my feet. I realised there is so much I can do. I’m 20 now. My ambition is to inspire other young people to be optimistic. Young people need respect. As a youth advocate in PITCH I speak out for my peers. The PITCH training made me aware that people cannot discriminate against me. I now know it’s in the law. So I’m no longer scared of anybody. And I will be a top actress."

Young people are part of their communities

Communities, society, institutions and governments discriminate against young people with HIV. This prevents them from participating fully in their communities. The Partnership to Inspire, Transform and Connect the HIV Response (PITCH) programme strengthens young people’s skills to advocate for change in laws, policies and norms, and to achieve their sexual and reproductive health rights.


We invest in youth-led organisations

Aidsfonds directly finances and supports youth-led organisations. We enable young people like Anita to transform the HIV response by strengthening local youth organisations and networks of young people living with HIV. In addition, we lobby for increased support of and financial investments in these organisations.

"I will be part of beating HIV"

– Anita (20) from Nigeria

Beating HIV Beating HIV


Friday November 16, activists and NGOs will be silent in solidarity with those who are silenced, as part of the ‘Together we speak’ campaign.   In the run up Aidsfonds highlights stories of communities who fight for access to healthcare, including HIV treatment. This is the story of Anita.

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