Asina's story

Asina's story

Asina is healthy entrepreneur in Uganda. She moves around in her community to sell over-the-counter health products and to provide quality SRHR and HIV information. This way Asina benefits from sustainable income and increased self esteem, reducing her vulnerability to HIV. Her community has access to reliable health products, information and basic services such as HIV self testing and injectable contraceptives.

Asina is one of the 960 peer educators trained under the Get Up Speak Out Flexi programme.


Photography by Esther Mbazazi for Rutgers

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GUSO Flexi implements an innovative business model (Healthy Entrepreneurs) in three districts in Uganda. In total 750 GUSO peer educators are trained to become community health entrepreneurs. They reach out to the youth and other members of their community with integrated SRHR and HIV information on their tablet and by selling SRHR and health products and medicine, and adequate referrals to youth friendly services. uses cookies to offer the best website experience possible and to anonymously analyze website behaviour. More information.