A better chance to say no

A better chance to say no

“I was afraid of HIV. At a young age I saw the pain my sister went through until she died.I promised myself to protect myself and my peers from HIV. I started working as a peer counsellor as a teenager. I have now trained to become a community health entrepreneur. I continue to counsel young girls, but I also sell health products and provide health information for my community. This makes me financially independent.


Every month I meet three groups of 25 girls each to teach them how to protect themselves from HIV. I feel proud because they trust me to guide them."

Communities are at the heart of our programmes

Communities know best what works in practice. That is why Aidsfonds invest in communities: we always put community partners at the heart of our programmes. They know how to adapt interventions to the local context, ensure people become involved and scale up where appropriate.

“If a girl would earn an income she would have a better chance to say no to any man that is trying to lure her with money for sex”

Community health entrepreneur Milly

New business models deliver 7,729 jobs

In the Sparked Women project Aidsfonds is introducing two proven business models to Uganda to create 7,729 jobs for young women. At the same time, we are setting up a sustainable community health service delivery system. We enable 729 community health volunteers to become small business owners. They sell essential health products, and alert their peers to the importance of HIV prevention. A second model offers 7,000 young women self-employment opportunities through training in practical skills.

In an inspiring vlog series we followed Milly on her journey towards becoming an empowered business woman and role models to other young women in her community.

inspiring vlog series


Friday November 16, activists and NGOs will be silent in solidarity with those who are silenced, as part of the ‘Together we speak’ campaign.   In the run up Aidsfonds highlights stories of communities who fight for access to healthcare, including HIV treatment. This is the story of Milly.

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