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Story 02 June 2022

Sex Worker who became a school teacher

A young 23 years old lady, Hana Belay was born and raised in Yayo town of Oromia...
Story 02 June 2022

The #SexWorkPromise: Decriminalising Sex Work in South Africa

In many places, sex workers are being criminalised for the work that they do. No...
Story 23 March 2022

1,700 children newly accessed HIV services in Kenya – Results from INUKA!

In 2019 a community-led initiative to find, test and treat children and pregnant...
Story 21 March 2022

COVID-19 turned out to be a blessing in disguise

Multiple waves of the COVID-19 pandemic hit Uganda, hindering access to HIV and ...
Story 24 February 2022

'One2One saves lives'

“We literally save lives with the One2One telephone line,” says Lilian Kunyi...
Story 22 February 2022

A resilient public health system is a common good that we are all interested in

In Ukraine, HIV medication is provided for free via the state program. However, ...
Story 17 February 2022

My community can get all the health information in a fingertip

With her 54 years, Margaret is among the oldest community health entrepreneurs i...
Story 16 February 2022

Who are the volunteers who became Tujengane entrepreneurs?

In 2021, a survey was conducted among the community health volunteers who enroll...
Story 31 January 2022

Within no time clients started streaming in

When 44-year-old Joshua from Kenya was selected to join the Tujengane project in...
Story 31 January 2022

I decided to give it a try

When the effects of COVID-19 were ravaging the country, the life of community he...
Story 26 January 2022

Cleopatra’s Journey to Legal Recognition in Uganda

For Cleopatra Kambugu, 2022 will feel like the first year of her life. Cleo rece...
Story 18 November 2021

We are the experts of our own lives

Young people need to be in charge of their own health. To ensure that this happe...
Story 18 November 2021

We will be able to improve service provision

"Young people need to be in charge of their health because we will be able to im...
Story 18 November 2021

We are capable of making the right decisions over our own lives

"As young people need to be in charge of our own health because we know what is ...
Story 18 November 2021

It is my life, my body and I know how it operates

"I need to be in charge of my health because it's my life, my body and I know ho... uses cookies to offer the best website experience possible and to anonymously analyze website behaviour. More information.