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We are experts and pioneers in the response to HIV/AIDS. We tirelessly seek new solutions and invest in pioneering scientific research. We mobilise politicians and Dutch society, and develop state-of-the-art interventions. Aidsfonds aims to show that what we do works. We invest in promising innovative projects and methods and share what we have learned with a broader audience by publishing reports, manuals, factsheets on the work we do and the facts we discover. Through the development of useful data tools to share ‘big data’ on the epidemic we facilitate data-informed programming in combating the epidemic. More and more data on the response to STIs is available to help us respond in a more effective way, reaching target groups with information that matches their needs. By combining epidemiological data with other information, we can have a better idea of who needs testing and where to deliver it, in order to have the greatest impact.


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Policy_paper 09 May 2023

Achieving Universal Health Coverage for Young People

...through realizing their sexual and reproductive rights and scaling-up self-ca...
Other 09 May 2023

From Commitment to Action: CSO Statement on UN UHC Meeting

Key asks from civil society and communities working to end AIDS Urgent action...
Report 22 March 2023

Breaking down the silos: working together to innovate for impact

The Love Alliance launches a new participatory research report on community-led ...
Report 28 February 2023

Lafiyan Yara Project: Midline Assessment report

The Lafiyan Yara Project is a research and service delivery initiative with over...
Report 07 December 2022

Equal Rights, Human Rights

Protecting the rights of sex workers: Evidence on human rights violations This ...
Report 23 November 2022

HIV is today's pandemic and the pandemic of the future

The 2022 World AIDS Day report of Aidsfonds says that the global response to HIV...
Report 08 November 2022

SRHR and HIV and Self-care: Policy analysis in Kenya, Tanzania and Zambia

In August 2022, Aidsfonds and You(th) Care partners commissioned the African All...
Factsheet 07 November 2022

Universal Health Coverage and Self-care

Universal Health Coverage aims to ensure that all people receive essential healt...
Factsheet 07 November 2022

Gender equality is needed to end AIDS

Gender inequality is a major contributor to the global HIV epidemic and the HIV ...
Report 04 July 2022

Main findings end evaluation Hands Off 1 (2015-2019)

In 2019 the first phase of the Hands Off programme (2015-2019) was evaluated by ...
Other 07 June 2022

70+ organisations call on greater EU leadership in HIV/AIDS

Showing unprecedented unity, 70+ community and civil society organisations from ...
Manual 03 June 2022

Tiwale - Rising out from the shadow of HIV

Tiwale: A comic book for reducing self-stigma among young people living with HIV...
Report 28 March 2022

The European Commission must scale up its contribution to the Global Fund

20 years ago, AIDS, TB and malaria claimed millions of lives. The creation of th...
Factsheet 23 March 2022

Supporting children with HIV and their families during the COVID-19 pandemic

Results from the Aidsfonds COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund in 2020-2021 To r...
Report 16 March 2022

A partnership like no other: The European Commission & the Global Fund

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