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We are experts and pioneers in the response to HIV/AIDS. We tirelessly seek new solutions and invest in pioneering scientific research. We mobilise politicians and Dutch society, and develop state-of-the-art interventions. Aidsfonds aims to show that what we do works. We invest in promising innovative projects and methods and share what we have learned with a broader audience by publishing reports, manuals, factsheets on the work we do and the facts we discover. Through the development of useful data tools to share ‘big data’ on the epidemic we facilitate data-informed programming in combating the epidemic. More and more data on the response to STIs is available to help us respond in a more effective way, reaching target groups with information that matches their needs. By combining epidemiological data with other information, we can have a better idea of who needs testing and where to deliver it, in order to have the greatest impact.


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Factsheet 15 August 2018

Increasing young people's uptake of SRH services in Malawi

This baseline study is part of the Healthy Young People project which aims at im...
Factsheet 15 August 2018

Endline Evaluation - Quality HIV and RMNH services for women in Malawi

From 2014 to 2016 Aidsfonds, in collaboration with ICCO Cooperation and local or...
Factsheet 15 August 2018

How accessible is social protection for people living with HIV in Ethiopia?

The study ‘Access to Social Protection by PLHIV and Key Groups’ is part of t...
Report 15 August 2018

Endline Report Quality HIV and RMNH services Malawi

From 2014 to 2016 Aidsfonds, in collaboration with ICCO Cooperation and localorg...
Other 15 August 2018

Access for all: contextualising HIV treatment as prevention in Swaziland

Access for All: Article about the contextualisation of HIV Treatment as Preventi...
Manual 15 August 2018

Driving the HIV response

On 22 July 2014, at the International AIDS Conference, the Global Network of Peo...
Report 15 August 2018

Working together for change: Making developmental partnerships work

Some lessons from the STOP AIDS NOW! South African partnership. Because we belie...
Manual 15 August 2018

Advocacy for care, protection and support of orphans and vulnerable children

Advocacy is a useful tool to improve the lives of orphans and vulnerable childre...
Toolkit 14 August 2018

Psychosocial Support Source Book for vulnerable children in Malawi

This source book is an effective tool to strengthen the psychosocial support by ...
Manual 14 August 2018

Le voyage d'espoir

French version of The Journey of Hope A booklet on creating a Network of Care...
Toolkit 09 August 2018

The Journey of Hope - Creating a Network of Care

A booklet on creating a Network of Care for vulnerable children. A Network of Ca...
Manual 09 August 2018

Ecoutex notre voix - Comment garantir que la voix des jeunes est écoutée

De très nombreux témoignages montrent que la participation des jeunes amélior...
Manual 09 August 2018

Hear Our Voices!

There is overwhelming evidence that the participation of young people leads to b...
Manual 09 August 2018

Essential Packages Manual: SRHR Programmes for Young People

The Essential Packages Manual is a comprehensive guide for successful SRHR progr...
Factsheet 09 August 2018

Aiming High: 10 Strategies for Meaningful Youth

This brief provides practical guidelines for meaningful youth engagement for the... uses cookies to offer the best website experience possible and to anonymously analyze website behaviour. More information.