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We are experts and pioneers in the response to HIV/AIDS. We tirelessly seek new solutions and invest in pioneering scientific research. We mobilise politicians and Dutch society, and develop state-of-the-art interventions. Aidsfonds aims to show that what we do works. We invest in promising innovative projects and methods and share what we have learned with a broader audience by publishing reports, manuals, factsheets on the work we do and the facts we discover. Through the development of useful data tools to share ‘big data’ on the epidemic we facilitate data-informed programming in combating the epidemic. More and more data on the response to STIs is available to help us respond in a more effective way, reaching target groups with information that matches their needs. By combining epidemiological data with other information, we can have a better idea of who needs testing and where to deliver it, in order to have the greatest impact.


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Toolkit 29 October 2018

Are you on the right track? Six steps to measure the effects of your programme activities

The Workbook Are You On The Right Track? is a hands-on instruction manual for de...
Toolkit 29 October 2018

Checklist: Improving the quality of SRHR education programmes for young people

This checklist is a guide for programme officers of donor organisations who coll...
Toolkit 29 October 2018

Etes-vous sur la bonne voie?

The Workbook Are You On The Right Track? - in French- is a hands-on instruc...
Manual 29 October 2018

Addressing the needs of young people living with HIV

Life skills and sexuality education programmes usually only focus on HIV negativ...
Manual 25 October 2018

Training manual Peer-based outreach

The main aim of this training is creating effective collaboration between p...
Manual 25 October 2018

Training manual Material Development in Ten Steps..

A training on methodical development of IEC materials for sex workers. In this t...
Manual 25 October 2018

Training manual Leadership

This manual supports trainers to adequately facilitate the 3-day training course...
Manual 25 October 2018

Training manual Financial skills

A training to encourage sex workers to make informed decisions about their finan...
Manual 25 October 2018

Training manual Counselling skills

This manual supports trainers to adequately facilitate a 3 day training cou...
Report 16 October 2018

Community health systems strengthening in Eswatini

This gaps analysis provides an overview of how civil society organisations, inte...
Other 09 October 2018

Policy paper: Why the EU should make an early pledge to the Global Fund

In October 2019, the French government will host the Sixth Replenishment of the ...
Manual 01 October 2018

Guidelines - Planning and Implementing Effective HIV and Livelihood programmes

This guideline is developed as a joint activity of the Community of Practice of ...
Report 01 October 2018

More access better quality

Reflections of a Regional Linking and Learning Expert meeting with a hundred peo...
Toolkit 01 October 2018

Clinic-Community Collaboration Toolkit

Working together to improve PMTCT and paediatric HIV treatment, care and support...
Manual 26 September 2018

Training manual Sensitisation of service providers (ToT)

This manual supports trainers giving the three-day course ‘Training of Trainer... uses cookies to offer the best website experience possible and to anonymously analyze website behaviour. More information.