Training manual on sex work for religious leaders

Training manual on sex work for religious leaders

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This training manual was developed by INERELA+ with support of Aidsfonds. It provides religious leaders with tools to positively engage with and welcome sex workers into their faith communities. The training curriculum includes sex workers’ rights, how criminalisation of sex work increases risk of violence and HIV infection, and how to ensure the human dignity of sex workers within communities.


We now realise that the church must support sex workers, uphold the dignity of sex workers and recognise that sex work is a profession like any other. We need to accept this reality and not regard sex workers as outcasts or people to be suppressed. My mandate now is to train other ministers to extend the ministry with sex workers. (Training participant, Botswana)


Religious leaders are in a unique position to create a more supportive environment for sex work. Under Hands Off INERELA+ looks to empower its members (religious leaders of their interfaith network) to become agents of change who will help eliminate stigma and discrimination within their congregations and faith communities, and challenge stigma against sex workers.

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