PITCH Five Year Reflection Report

PITCH Five Year Reflection Report

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The Partnership to Inspire, Transform and Connect the HIV response (PITCH) was the first large-scale HIV programme to invest solely in community advocacy. The five-year, nine-country programme worked with four marginalised and vulnerable groups to strengthen and connect community-led advocacy.

As the strategic partnership between Aidsfonds, Frontline AIDS, and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs comes to its conclusion, the PITCH five year reflection report captures the key lessons and reflections on the experience of delivering this programme from the perspective of our PITCH country focal points. It presents an insightful analysis of the progress made by the programme in achieving the different anticipated outcomes in its theory of change. But perhaps most importantly, this five year reflection report argues that PITCH has served as a "blueprint for collective action". It also features a call to action from Aidsfonds’ and Frontline AIDS’ Executive Directors to the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs to use the evidence of the success of the PITCH model to encourage other governments and donors to invest in community-led advocacy to strengthen and protect civil society and in turn strengthen health and social systems. Key points and features include:

  • The critical role that movement and coalition building has played in allowing advocates and partners to develop and adapt their own advocacy strategies that suit their specific contexts
  • Partners’ use of collective action and inclusive, participatory planning and decision making
  • Timelines for each country showing documented evidence of increasingly significant contributions to sustainable outcomes for key populations
PITCH Five Year Reflection Report

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