Civil Society Declaration for the 2021 HLM on HIV/AIDS

Civil Society Declaration for the 2021 HLM on HIV/AIDS

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We are thrilled to be launching the HLM 2021 Civil Society Declaration.

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Now more than ever, evidence-based responses and renewed political will are called for –especially in face of the additional burdens imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic. In order to focus efforts and resources where they are most needed, we call for a Political Declaration that: 

  • RECOGNIZES explicitly who is most at risk of HIV 
  • ACKNOWLEDGES why this is so 
  • COMMITS to fully fund and support effective responses 
  • HOLDS ACCOUNTABLE Member States for their actions

As a team, we are proud of the hard work that we have done collectively to make this document a reality. We want to commend the Multi-Stakeholder Task Force and its Advisory Group for their efforts to bring the voices of our diverse communities to the table despite the limited time. The Civil Society Declaration builds on the UNAIDS regional consultations, over 700 survey respondents and input from the Multi-Stakeholder Hearing Civil Society Debrief.

Support the declaration by signing it 

We are asking organizations, networks and institutions to endorse the declaration. The more support the declaration receives the stronger it becomes as a tool to support advocacy with country delegations and missions leading up to the High-Level Meeting and the adoption of the Political Declaration on HIV/AIDS. Sign it here


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