Bridging the Gaps - End Evaluation - BtG II (2016 - 2020)

Bridging the Gaps - End Evaluation - BtG II (2016 - 2020)

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This report covers the end evaluation of phase II of the programme (2016-2020), conducted by INTRAC between February and October 2020.

The end evaluation builds on existing monitoring and evaluation data gathered by Bridging the Gaps over the period 2014-2019, and newly generated data and information derived through an outcome harvesting process. The outcome harvest was undertaken in four countries (Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Indonesia and Ukraine), where the programme has worked with all three key population groups over phases I and II, as well as in relation to Bridging the Gaps’ global and regional-level advocacy work.

The evaluation harvested a total of 65 outcomes, from which INTRAC shortlisted 31 for substantiation. In the end, 24 of these outcomes were substantiated through interviews with external, independent stakeholders and developed into case studies, included with this report. This represents 12% of the total 196 outcomes in the Bridging the Gaps database (including outcomes reported through the programme monitoring system, as well as the outcome harvest).

In addition to the outcome harvest, key informant interviews were conducted with Bridging the Gaps’ nine Alliance Partners to obtain an internal, overall perspective on the programme, including programme work in other countries, which were not a focus of the outcome harvest.

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