Aidsfonds Annual report 2018

Aidsfonds Annual report 2018

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No time to lose

Our new 2018-2021 multi-year strategy is in full motion. With all the tools at hand to beat the global AIDS epidemic by 2030, our ambitions follow a sense of urgency and dedication. In this annual magazine, we dive into results achieved together with our partners.

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Mark Vermeulen, Director - Soa Aids Nederland 

"Beating HIV and AIDS requires a lot more than only offering medication. We also need to address poverty, discrimination and inequality. Why? Because the harsh reality is that people still do not have access to HIV care because they are, for example, young, female, a sex worker or gay. And because many people do not know that they have HIV or live in remote villages where there has never been a doctor. Our work revolves around finding hard-to-reach groups, making HIV treatment affordable, working on sustainable changes with local organisations and providing information. You can read more about it in this report."

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