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What is Differentiated Service Delivery? And how do we make it work for adolescents?

Watch the new cartoon video by the Adolescent Treatment Coalition, where Jane from South Africa shares her story. She explains some of the challenges she faces as an adolescent living with HIV and how differentiated service delivery supports her.


Adolescents lead full and active lives that are not orientated to attending health services. This is also true for adolescents living with HIV. HIV does not define who they are, but it does bring added complexities.

Meeting adolescents where they are, in all their diversity, means making services more friendly and accessible and taking services to places where adolescents are. It means giving adolescents choices and the possibility to make decisions about the healthcare. It’s recognising that adolescents change rapidly, as do their needs, and services need to adapt accordingly to ensure their well-being.

Differentiated services delivery is an opportunity to make sure that all adolescents living with HIV get support and services that takes into account their preferences and needs.

For differentiated services delivery to be successful for adolescents, community- and peer interventions require investment. Also, stronger connections between the facility and the community need to be prioritised.

Join us in sharing Jane’s story to make sure that differentiated services delivery supports the needs of adolescents living with HIV!

Jane is the first in a series of 4 videos on adolescents and differentiated services delivery. Look out for David, Vicente and Lucy in 2018.