Partnerships for sustainable change

Partnerships for sustainable change

Aidsfonds is a concerned funder with a bold agenda. We are innovators, developing solutions for some of the most stubborn challenges facing the HIV and AIDS response. We are collaborators, mobilising our own resources and those of other funders to effectively fund community-led responses and invest in community leadership. We serve as a microphone, amplifying the voices of those who must be heard but are too often muted.

We know from more than four decades of experience that a community-led approach is the only way to end AIDS. That is why we invest in communities by mobilising both our own and other funders’ financial resources, supporting innovative service delivery and powerful advocacy, and engaging in strong partnerships that allow us to multiply our impact. We take a holistic approach, integrating HIV/AIDS into the broader global health and development landscape, including human rights and pandemic responses. We use participatory grantmaking, pooled funding mechanisms and rapid response funds as well as project design and implementation to reach our goals.

Join us in ending AIDS together!

Together we are turning the dream into reality: ending AIDS by 2030.

Aidsfonds has the knowledge, experience and network to make a difference. We are an organisation that dares to dream and at the same time, works on ambitious goals with guts and realism. We do this together with our partners, donors, care providers, communities and researchers: a movement in which we are constantly looking to grow and get better funded. Because guts, knowledge and decisiveness are not enough, it also takes a lot of resources.

We would like to talk to anyone who shares our dream and wants to join an inspiring movement. Get in touch with us to discuss collaboration, strategic partnerships and innovative solutions to end AIDS by 2030.

Aidsfonds has been playing a pioneering role in focusing the HIV/AIDS response on those population groups who are most affected by the HIV epidemic due to stigma and discrimination.

I invite you to connect with us if you share our dream and want to join an inspiring movement.

- Mark Vermeulen, Executive Director Aidsfonds

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