Nokuthula speaks out on COVID-19

Nokuthula speaks out on COVID-19

Follow the story of Nokuthula Heath, training manager at Zoë-life in South Africa as she tells about child-friendly ways to explain COVID-19 and the issues children living with HIV face in this time. Zoë-life runs the KidzAlive@home project that is supported by Aidsfonds.  

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Champion for children

Nokuthula has 15 years of experience in developing HIV training programmes in both government and non-government sectors. In 2013 she joined Zoë-life specializing on HIV, gender based violence and abuse related issues for children and adolescents. As member of the South African National Department of Health technical working group she advocates for child and adolescent centred services. Nokuthula was instrumental in the development of the current national HIV Paediatric and Adolescent Disclosure Guideline Policy. She led its implementation through training government officials, public health managers and frontline healthcare workers. Nokuthula holds a Honours degree in bachelor of Arts.

Nokuthula Heath Nokuthula Heath

About Zoë-life

The mission of Zoë-life is to transform options available to children, vulnerable families and communities that have been affected by disease, poverty and injustice. The organisation was founded in 2004 as a response to the HIV crisis in South Africa and engages in advocacy and the development of systemic interventions to bring healing to the whole person. It takes a multi-dynamic approach to wellness, ensuring effective diagnosis, access to treatment and adherence to medication regimens, as well as tackling the stigma around the virus.

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Nokuthula speaks out on COVID-19

Listen to the story of Nokuthula as she describes the challenges children living with HIV face since the outbreak of COVID-19. Learn about child-friendly communication tools to explain COVID-19 to children and get to know Rona Corona.

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