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News 11 October 2023

Consultancy: Research on Typology of Community-Led Responses in HIV/AIDS

Aidsfonds, on behalf of the Love Alliance, is seeking a team of academics or res...
News 10 October 2023

Stay On - Sustainably retaining people living with HIV in care

With a growing number of people living with HIV on treatment, retention in care ...
News 10 October 2023

Launch of HIV Prevention Choice Manifesto for Women and Girls in Africa

On 8th September 2023, Aidsfonds joined women-led- and community organisations, ...
News 06 October 2023

Call for consultancy: You(th) Care ToR Mid-term Review

The You(th) Care partnership is looking for a consultant / group of consultants ...
News 05 October 2023

From New York With Love? Our views on the UN High Level Meetings on Global Health

The September 2023 Un High Level Meetings on global health are over, leaving the...
News 03 October 2023

CSOs respond to the European Parliament vote on the revision of the EU’s 7-year budget

Brussels, 3rd October 2023 - Today, the European Parliament  voted on the m...
News 27 September 2023

Aidsfonds introduces community-driven Paediatric HIV Advisory Panel

We are thrilled to announce our inaugural Paediatric HIV Advisory Panel for the ...
News 25 September 2023

Amsterdam close to zero new HIV infections – the Netherlands is next

If Amsterdam can do it, the rest of the Netherlands can too! According to the la...
News 11 August 2023

Hands Off 2023 Call for proposals: Zambia

The Hands Off programme works on reducing violence against sex workers in Southe...
News 03 August 2023

Webinar: Kids to Care Toolkit launch

Are you working in paediatric HIV programming and do you want to implement a com...
News 03 August 2023

Webinar: Kids to Care model and results

Are you working in the field of paediatric HIV and/or are you curious to learn m...
News 03 August 2023

Webinar: Together We Stay On - Models to retain in HIV care

Do you want to learn about different successful approaches to promote retention ...
News 03 August 2023

Successful Virtual Q&A Session on New Kids to Care Call for Proposals

We are delighted to announce the successful completion of a virtual Questions an...
News 01 August 2023

#MyHealthMyRights: advocating for a healthy world for all

With the upcoming UN High-Level Meeting on UHC 2023, this year is all about Univ...
News 01 August 2023

Call for consultancy: desk review HIV self-test kits for young people

Aidsfonds and partners are looking for consultants that can undertake a desk rev...

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