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News 06 December 2018

#IKnowKati HIV awareness campaign Uganda

It's a good day to be proud of another step forward in raising HIV/AIDS awarenes...
News 03 December 2018

New Positive Action Challenge launched

Could YOU provide evidence that social protection leads to HIV, testing, treatme...
News 29 November 2018

Declaration of Love

Love is special. A mother's love for her child, a man for his partner, a sister ...
News 29 November 2018

HIV epidemic is growing in more than 50 countries

HIV epidemic is growing in more than 50 countries Increase in HIV in Russia, Ch...
News 28 November 2018

Mark Vermeulen new director Aidsfonds

Mark Vermeulen is the new director of Aidsfonds – Soa Aids Nederland. The Supe...
News 27 November 2018

A story of change: The development of a sex worker-led network in Myanmar

"No one believed it, but sex workers can manage their own organisation and progr...
News 21 November 2018

Young people living with HIV in Kenya start their own network

Young people living with HIV from six Kenyan organisations, decided to join forc...
News 12 November 2018

Together we speak, starting with silence on 16 November

On Friday November 16, grassroots movements and NGOs worldwide will be silent or...
News 25 October 2018

Aidsfonds calls for better TB HIV integration at Lung Health Conference

Aidsfonds urges the need to build better bridges between TB and HIV during the f...
News 01 October 2018

Aidsfonds calling for greater community involvement at TB high level meeting

At the first ever High Level Meeting on Tuberculosis (TB) during the UN General ...
News 05 September 2018

Vlogumentaries Sparked Women

In these inspiring vlog series we follow 7 young women from Uganda on their jour...
News 27 August 2018

Call for proposals - Improving treatment and care for children living with HIV

Aidsfonds is pleased to announce its 2018 Call for Proposals: Improving treatmen...
News 02 August 2018

“We felt the urgency to act – MaxART introduced an innovative approach”

Two questions for Peter Ehrenkranz, US Centers for Disease Control and Preventio...
News 02 August 2018

“MaxART fits perfectly into DreamFund’s objectives”

The Dutch Postcode Lottery is the main funder of our MaxART programme. Margriet ...
News 02 August 2018

Near an HIV free generation? It's happening in Eswatini

In 2011, we had a big dream: to ensure immediate access to ART for all people li...

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