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News 23 October 2019

Are you planning to attend ICASA2019 in Rwanda?

We will be pleased to meet you there! So we can link up, learn from each other a...
News 23 October 2019

Mutual learning at Uganda-Kenya paediatric HIV exchange visit

As part of the Aidsfonds linking and learning initiative Women Fighting AIDS in ...
News 23 October 2019

Action meeting on paediatric HIV care in Mozambique

Last month, Aidsfonds and Positive Action initiated a strategic planning and act...
News 23 October 2019

Rapid result initiative successful ignition of finding children exposed to HIV

In our INUKA! programme community health volunteers are trained in paediatric HI...
News 17 October 2019

Lillian Mworeko wins CHANGE Courageous Changemaker Award

"This award is dedicated to all women in their diversity, that wake up each day ...
News 10 October 2019

Yplus Beauty Pageant 2019 kicks off with first auditions in Central region Uganda

Starting out the Yplus beauty pageant with an audition that slapped. Take violen...
News 10 October 2019

The Netherlands is cutting back on its contribution to the Global Fund

In the coming years, the Netherlands will cut back on the budget for the fight a...
News 08 October 2019

Without a strong Dutch commitment, we won’t win the fight against AIDS

This week, world leaders are invited by the French President Macron to pledge th...
News 30 September 2019

Addressing structural barriers to HIV prevention in Southern and Eastern Africa

Article by He-Jin Kim, Nyasha Sithole and Felicita Hikuam from the AID...
News 30 September 2019

Civil liberties threatened as Indonesia is set to approve the draft penal code

Last week civil society was in turmoil in Indonesia. A chain of protests all ove...
News 30 September 2019

Government of Myanmar acknowledges work of KP-led organisations

Written by Yan Win Soe, PITCH focal point in Myanmar   Bringing issu...
News 26 September 2019

Why SRHR needs to be included in UHC design and implementation

"Investing in SRHR has proven to be affordable, cost-effective, and cost-saving"...
News 17 September 2019

Call for proposals: communications and advocacy trainer

The Partnership to Inspire, Transform and Connect the HIV response (PITCH) is lo...
News 17 September 2019

Global Fund role in attaining UHC will be in focus at UNGA

The 74th UN General Assembly (UNGA) will commence today, Tuesday 17 September 20...
News 03 September 2019

Aidsfonds is moving to a new location

As of 30 September 2019, Aidsfonds - Soa Aids Nederland's new location is Conden...

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