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News 31 July 2019

Advocating for rights at high-level meetings – lessons from Indonesia

Following the recent High Level Political Forum (HLPF) on Sustainable Developmen...
News 31 July 2019

Win an exclusive webinar on entrepreneurship skills for SRHR trainers

Only 20 tickets are available and first come first serve! You can be among them ...
News 31 July 2019

Win €500 to hire an SRHR trainer

Ready to improve your SRHR interventions? Do you wish to strengthen the capacity...
News 30 July 2019

WHO’s recommendation on dolutegravir undermined by patent barriers

All countries immediately should adopt dolutegravir-based regimens as the prefer...
News 30 July 2019

No substantial difference in HIV risk among women using most common birth control

Now we know! Using DMPA-IM, copper IUD and ING implant doesn’t lead to increas...
News 30 July 2019

Zimbabwean MPs at MSM drop-in centre – call for more acceptance

Written by Lloyd Dembure, PITCH country focal point During a capacity buildi...
News 30 July 2019

PITCH partners call for better drug policies

Thousands of activists all over the world join the Support. Don’t Punish advoc...
News 29 July 2019

“They could not have given me a greater motivation”

“When I stood at the gate, older women said to me: you will not get to speak t...
News 29 July 2019

Bishkek becomes first Central Asian capital to join Fast-Track Cities

In July, the deputy mayor of the capital of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan signed th...
News 25 July 2019

2019 Call for Proposals 'Stay On'

Aidsfonds’ call for proposals, Stay On, looks at the future beyond 2030. With ...
News 22 July 2019

Job opportunity: Coordinator SRHR Knowledge Platform

Are you the coordinator of the Knowledge Platform on sexual and reproductive hea...
News 16 July 2019

New UNAIDS report 2019 calls for greater urgency and community leadership

South Africa has been able to reduce the number of new HIV infections by 40% sin...
News 28 June 2019

PITCH reverses dangerous advice to treat HIV with dietary supplement in Indonesia

At the beginning of 2019, disturbing news came from Indonesia’s Papua province...
News 27 June 2019

Myanmar celebrates International Day against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia

Reported by Nay Lin, Chair, Myanmar MSM Network (MMN) Written by  Yan Wi...
News 27 June 2019

Court ruling threatens the HIV response in Kenya

Last month, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) activists in Kenya wer...

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