Vacancy: Members for our Advisory Panel

Vacancy: Members for our Advisory Panel

Are you a passionate professional who wants to contribute to a world free from AIDS and where people enjoy good sexual health? We are looking for members to join our Advisory Panel.

About us

At Aidsfonds- Soa Aids Nederland, we strive for a world where there are no longer any deaths from AIDS and where people enjoy good sexual health. A world in which everyone can love freely and without fear. We do this by working together with the people who are hit hardest by HIV, STIs, discrimination and exclusion. We strengthen their voices and support them with access to information, knowledge and funding. For all that is love.

Working with communities as equals is at the heart of all our work. In order to have the most impact towards our strategic dream goals, we want to further strengthen involvement of communities through co-decision making. For us co-decision making is value-based, and it recognizes that meaningful involvement of people living with HIV and other community members directly contributes to innovative solutions for some of the most complex challenges facing the STI-, HIV and AIDS response.

This is why, as of August 2023 Aidsfonds-Soa Aids Nederland is putting in place an Advisory Panel. Therefore we are now looking for:

Members to join our Advisory Panel

The Advisory Panel

The Advisory Panel (AP) will advise the Executive Board (and Management Team) on:

  1. Periodic evaluations (mid-term, end-term) of our strategy and Theory of Change. The results form the basis for the advice towards e.g., the next multiyear strategy and future strategic partnerships.
  2. Identifying opportunities for strategic partnerships to engage in and be responsive to trends, threats or opportunities to contribute to the HIV/AIDS response, and to secure future funds to work towards our strategic goals.
  3. Strategic resource allocation decisions of Aidsfonds - Soa Aids Nederland’ funding raised e.g., from private donors and lotteries
  4. Funding mechanisms (which organises the way resources are distributed for considerable budgets, e.g., a call for proposals). The AP can advise on the mechanism of funding; hence the mechanism will be executed by the relevant departments or committees.

The Advisory Panel will consist of nine members, of which five members are representatives of communities, two are health professionals, and two are scientists. Members of the AP act in their individual capacity and specifically are not required nor expected to act as representatives of their own organizations, research area or sector.

The Advisory Panel forms a representation of communities we work with in the Netherlands and in the focus regions of Aidsfonds – Soa Aids Nederland, being Eastern Europe and Central Asia, East Africa, Southern Africa, West Africa, the Middle East and North Africa. Being a member of the Advisory Panel is a voluntary position, but all expenses made are covered with a fixed stipend.

The 2023 responsibilities for the Advisory Panel comprise of advising on process and implementation of the mid-term review of Aidsfonds - Soa Aids Nederland strategy 2022-2025 and advise towards Aidsfonds - Soa Aids Nederland funding allocations of unearmarked funding for 2024. Both take place in or from September 2023 onwards.


We are looking for you

Community members

Aidsfonds - Soa Aids Nederland is an inclusive organisation and we put members of communities who are hit hardest by HIV, STIs, discrimination and exclusion at the heart of our work, in the Netherlands and globally. In doing so, our organization encourages and safeguards an open culture in which all people with their diverse characteristics, competencies, and lived experiences feel respected and valued. This means that there is an organizational culture where differences are possible and welcomed.

For the panel we are looking for five members representing (one of) the following communities: people living with HIV, sex workers, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex people, young people, adolescent girls and young women, people who use drugs, as well as migrants. As a community member on the panel, you understand the scope and context of the work of Aidsfonds – Soa Aids Nederland (or the HIV response in general) and have proven relevant national or international experience, such as serving on governing bodies or sounding board groups. You preferably have the knowledge of effective strategies and STI, and HIV- health programmes of your own context and beyond.

Health professionals

Aidsfonds- Soa Aids Nederland works with health professionals to make sure communities and other beneficiaries have access to quality care. By health professionals we mean all professionals, including community- and professional health care workers in (HIV-related) health (care) settings, including policy level.

As a professional you have an integral view of the (health care) system that works towards improved sexual and reproductive health and rights, including STI- and HIV control, and know how knowledge, research, policy, advocacy and practice are related. You have knowledge of experience with or interest in the administrative and financial-organizational aspects of health care. You have proven experience in serving communities and preferably engaging them in your work. You are familiar with transnational challenges: migration, pandemics, poverty, opposition, ABR (antibiotic resistance) and most important you acknowledge the importance of community participation and shared decision making. For at least one of the two panelists we are looking for health professionals with extensive experience with client contact, for example a (STI-) facility, general practice, HIV treatment center or community center.


With scientists we mean researchers active in fields including but not limited to behavioural, medical, mental health sciences and other areas of academic research, which are related to understanding, preventing and finding a cure for HIV, as well as related to promoting positive sexual and reproductive health.  As a scientist you have a relevant academic education, preferably at PhD or (associate) professor level. You are a key opinion leader, or on your way to becoming one as demonstrated by recent experience in conducting research that contributes to (one of) the 3 dream goals that form the core of our organizational strategy 2022-2025 “For all that is love”. You are able to think from both the (scientific) content and policy and political reality in the research fields relevant to Aidsfonds – Soa Aids Nederland. You know how to build bridges; between science and policy, but also between the research needs that serve our communities in high-, middle- and low-income settings. You have access to a national and international knowledge network, and you can connect the public and private sectors to foster meaningful collaborations. With your experience you can help us to draw up a suitable research agenda that can withstand the scientific test and that answers the knowledge questions that need to be answered in order to fulfill our dream goals. For at least one of the two panelists we are looking for a scientist with biomedical expertise.


Furthermore, you are

  • Fluent in speaking and understanding English
  • In possession of a laptop (or another device) to download, read and work from and able to connect to internet
  • Able to provide advice beyond your own community, profession and country of origin
  • Available from August 1st 2023 onwards, for a time investment of 5 working days per year, to actively participate in meetings according to a yearly planning, including preparation time
  • Willing to travel for in-person meeting with once every 2 years
  • Ready to provide your advice and support achieving our dream goals

Apply now!

You can do this before June 12, 2023, by uploading your motivation letter and curriculum vitae on the application page by clicking on the button below.

In your letter and CV please include your motivation to become part of the AP, your relevant paid and voluntary organizational affiliation(s), your lived and/or professional experience, what skills, knowledge and perspectives you would contribute to the AP and contact details of 2 referees.

The first round of interviews takes place from June 20th 2023. The selection will be done by Aidsfonds - Soa Aids Nederland’ management committee. The new AP members will start their term by 1st of August 2023, after an on-boarding process of max. 8 hours, that will take place in July 2023.

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