Raising child-friendly COVID-19 awareness saved lives

Raising child-friendly COVID-19 awareness saved lives

How to teach children living with HIV about the coronavirus and make sure they stay safe and on treatment during the COVID-19 pandemic? With a grant from the Aidsfonds COVID Response Fund, our South-African partner Zoë-Life equipped frontline workers with protective material and child-friendly educational tools. Over 1000 children and another 1000 caregivers received child-friendly, accurate COVID-19 and HIV information.

Continue reading to find out about the activities and learn about the ‘tippy tap’.

The emergency

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, Zoë-Life has seen problems in South Africa with accessing food and HIV medication due to restricted transport, loss of employment and lack of masks. This resulted in children not being able to adhere to their HIV treatment. Children living with HIV are more vulnerable to COVID-19 infection if the viral load suppression is not sustained. 


Girl putting on a face mask Girl putting on a face mask

COVID-19 is going to be with us for a long time. We need to continuously educate our children as they also need to practice safety measures

- Nokutula Heath


Sharing the innovation

“Children indicated that the colouring book portrayed reality and that they were able to learn about COVID-19. The colouring book could be the innovation that can be scaled up and shared with other Aidsfonds partners”, says Nokuthula Heath of Zoe-Life.

Are you interested and want to know more? Watch her latest video here and feel free to contact Nokuthula

Nokuthula Heath of Zoe-Life
Photo: Eva de Vries
Nokuthula Heath of Zoe-Life
Photo: Eva de Vries

More on COVID-19 and HIV

The COVID-19 pandemic is strongly affecting the HIV response. Local and regional partners face increased difficulties to reach their communities in need. Unfortunately, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Visit our COVID-19 page to learn how the AIDS response is affected and working in the current circumstances. 

All (but one) pictures on this page are taken by Peter Banks. Special thanks go out to AIDS Foundation South Africa, for granting the photographer access to the COVID-19 awareness raising event and for arranging photography of the children and their caregivers participating in the event.

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