PITCH partners actively reflect on gender equality in Indonesia

PITCH partners actively reflect on gender equality in Indonesia

Do you remember when you first learned you were a girl or a boy? And do you recall being told you should act like a boy or a girl? The PITCH Gender Working Group started off the training on gender transformative approach by first rooting gender in our personal experiences and then examined the theory in more detail. In simple words, “a gender transformative approach means that promoting gender equality—the shared control of resources and decision-making—and women’s empowerment are central to an intervention” (The Evidence Project, 2019).

During the two-day training, PITCH partners critically examined themselves and their activities by using various tools, such as the gender continuum. They grouped their activities on a continuum ranging from gender blind (does not reinforce existing gender inequalities), sensitive (attempts to redress existing gender inequalities), to transformative (attempts to re-define women and men’s gender roles and relations) (UN Women Training Centre, 2019). The group then discussed the ways how a gender sensitive activity could become transformative.

On day two each participating organisation performed a gender analysis on one issue they currently work on. The outcome of the exercise was a collection of concrete advocacy actions to accelerate gender transformation in the field work.

Have you ever looked at yourself and your organisation through a gender lens? Gender inequality is a structural driver of the HIV epidemic. Therefore, it is important to advance gender equality in our work. We believe that taking a gender transformative approach is the most sustainable way to do this. Get in touch with the Gender Working Group for more information on our work by sending us an e-mail at rvandenoever@aidsfonds.nl or lorza@frontlineaids.org.  

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