Open Call for Nominees Regional Grant Committee Southern Africa

Open Call for Nominees Regional Grant Committee Southern Africa

Aidsfonds is looking for 9 members to serve on the Regional Grant Committee as part of Aidsfonds’ Participatory grantmaking for Southern Africa (South Africa, Zimbabwe and Mozambique), under the Love Alliance partnership.

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Aidsfonds is a Dutch non-profit organisation working towards a world without AIDS with a focus on people and regions most affected. We aim to accelerate worldwide HIV prevention, treatment, care and support, by piloting and upscaling community-based interventions together with governments and local partners. We believe that investment in communities is crucial in ending AIDS. 

Love Alliance
The Love Alliance is a strategic partnership between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands, Aidsfonds, UHAI EASHRIAFEISDAOGALZSisonkeSANPUD and GNP+. Our main goal is to improve the health and rights of sex workers, people who use drugs, LGBTIQ+ people and people living with HIV in 10 African countries. The alliance aims to achieve this by working towards a significant reduction in HIV incidence by influencing policies, organising communities and raising awareness on rights and health in ten countries.

Who can apply?
The Love Alliance strives for a range of expertise to be represented on the regional grant committee. This includes expertise related to community responses to HIV; expertise on key populations’ priorities and needs; expert views on how funding and non-financial support can best contribute to the reduction of HIV; experience with grantmaking; and experience with technical assistance for organisations and networks that may be operating with limited resources, experience, capacity, and/or constraints due to stigma and discrimination.

The committee will reflect the diversity of the different communities the Love Alliance is serving, including young (aged 18-24 and 25-29) LGBTQI+, sex workers and people who use drugs representatives as well as people living with HIV.

Apply now

Are you interested in becoming a member of the Regional Grant Committee for Southern Africa? Please fill and forward the application form below, together with a resume to The deadline for applications is 30 March 2021. A decision on the composition of the regional grant committee Southern Africa will be communicated by 7 April 2021. The new RGC Southern Africa members are to start their term on 12 April 2021.  

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The Love Alliance, a new five-year programme (2021-2025), is based on an unwavering commitment to protecting, promoting and fulfilling sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) globally, unifying people who use drugs, sex workers and LGBTQI+ movements, and amplifying the diversity of voices in these communities. uses cookies to offer the best website experience possible and to anonymously analyze website behaviour. More information.