New support to tackle AIDS epidemic in Russia

New support to tackle AIDS epidemic in Russia

Almost nowhere in the world does the AIDS epidemic grow as fast as in Russia and the countries around it. A large proportion of people who are most vulnerable to HIV do not receive information, HIV tests and life-saving medicines. With the support of the participants of the Postcode Loterij (Dutch lottery), Aidsfonds helps change that.

The death toll continues to rise 
According to official figures from the Russian government, one million people live with HIV. But experts estimate that the actual number is much higher. Two-thirds of people with HIV in Russia do not receive life-saving medicines. Meanwhile, about 100,000 new infections are added every year, and tens of thousands of people die from the effects of AIDS. We know what needs to be done to stop the AIDS epidemic. Namely, provide all people with HIV with HIV inhibitors and reach all people at risk for HIV with information and means to protect themselves against HIV. Unfortunately, this is not happening enough in the region.

Emergency assistance 
We want develop and foster sustainable change. The need for people with HIV is high. That is why we also intervene in emergency situations. The emergency fund of Aidsfonds and the Elton John AIDS foundation helps people with HIV, people who are committed to fighting AIDS and local organisations in the most dire situations as quickly as possible. For example, if they need HIV inhibitors, legal help or emergency shelter. Thanks to the support of the Postcode Loterij, 50,000 people can count on acute help.

Good information, tests and medicines
But more is needed for long-term change. Together with brave people who are committed to fighting AIDS, we also ensure that the people who are most vulnerable to HIV receive good (online) information, HIV tests and treatment. This allows 200,000 people to protect themselves against HIV better. And 15,000-25,000 people can go to places where they can safely be tested, receive information and receive guidance in maintaining their HIV treatment. In this way, we ensure that more people are tested and treated and that their treatment continues. As a result, people with HIV stay healthy and cannot transmit the virus.

A good example follows
We can make a difference with this approach. And by working with benevolent local policymakers and clinics, we bring lasting change. With the positive results of our approach in hand, we hope to convince more and more clinics and policymakers to follow our example and thus really stop the AIDS epidemic throughout the Russian region.

Running time & budget

Duration & budget Project: Brave fight against AIDS 
Start date: 1-1-2020 
End date: 31-12-2022 
AIDS Fund contribution: € 2,050,000 

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