New pilot: large-scale online evidence collection supports advocacy

New pilot: large-scale online evidence collection supports advocacy

Aidsfonds and Y+ Kenya have started a pilot project with Upinion, a social enterprise. Through an innovative technology, Upinion offers the opportunity to be directly in touch with a big group of respondents and to easily collect and analyse responses.

Last year, we received information that young people living with HIV in Kenya are given expired ARVs without being aware of this. In the new pilot project, we are collecting experiences from a panel of more than 800 young people living with HIV across Kenya on expired ARVs, amongst others. This will greatly support Y+ Kenya’s evidence-informed advocacy towards the Ministry of Health and other important stakeholders.

Within three rounds of questionnaires via Whatsapp and Facebook groups,  we will not only collect evidence on expired ARVs and related topics for advocacy. We will be able to constantly stay in touch with the young people to share valuable information and co-create our interventions. This will help us to improve young people’s knowledge about HIV and treatment and further support Y+ Kenya with establishing and strengthening themselves as a network of young people living with HIV.

Y+ Kenya is part of our PITCH programme and advocates for improving treatment for young people living with HIV. The pilot project started in December 2019 and will run until July 2020. If successful, our aim is to expand the technology in Kenya and to other countries. Keep an eye on this website for results when the pilot ends.

Do you want to know more about the pilot project? Contact Leon Essink, Program officer Aidsfonds. Or find more info about Y+ Kenya and its succesful advocacy in Nairobi.

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