New mobile app improves data collection

New mobile app improves data collection

Data greatly contribute to identification of missing children living with HIV. What if field workers could easily collect and process real time data on how many children they have tested and found HIV positive? So programme managers could make decisions faster to find the missing children faster? And finally, missing children will be found faster and put on life saving treatment quicker? May we proudly present to you the Mukoko mobile application!


The meaning of Mukoko is beehive. It refers to community field workers gathering data offline and bringing it to the office via Wi-Fi. Aidsfonds, together with the private company Capgemini and our local partner SAfAIDS, developed the Mukoko app. SAfAIDS is training community field workers in Zimbabwe on the use of the app. The application will be thoroughly tested and the full functioning Mukoko app will be ready by July this year.

Are you interested in knowing more about the Mukoko app and how it could improve your data collection? Please contact our business developer Janharmen Drost.


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